I can’t afford it..


Affordability has a major impact on whether or not massage gets incorporated into someone’s lifestyle. 

The cost of massage changes based on region, type of service, experience of the practitioner, and atmosphere.  Learning advanced techniques costs the massage therapist both time and money; the cost increases to compensate. Complex body treatments require more supplies and time so the cost of the service goes up to cover the additional expenses.

Massage schools have a clinic that offers a lower rate for services provided by students; massage students are required to complete a set number of clinical hours. Swanky resorts and spas offer high-end services, lavish amenities and pricing to match. The client pays more for the atmosphere.

Most of us massage therapists get into this field to help people, not to get rich. Many have loyalty programs set up to make regular massages more affordable for their clientele. Some offer discounts on multiple massages purchased up front. Some offer a monthly program.

Consider creating a wellness budget, it could include your gym membership and massage. Check with your employer and insurance company about wellness benefits.

Talk to your massage therapist; chances are, they’re willing to work with you!


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Be well…

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