Anxiety And How To Manage It


Anxiety, even if only mild, can be unnerving and a cause for concern.


If you have ever experienced anxiety, you are probably well aware of the discomfort that it causes and even more aware of how difficult it is to escape it.

Economic anxiety, racial anxiety, cultural anxiety, demographic anxiety. And YES,  “election anxiety”; after its conclusion, just “Trump anxiety.”

Anxiety starts from the inside and may reflect an exaggerated sense of threat to your wellbeing.

If you manage your thoughts, you manage your anxiety.

Anxiety may be a sign that you are judgmental and too critical of yourself and others.

Anxiety is not all bad. It could alert us to make a necessary change in our lives.

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What To Do About Your Anxiety

1. Learn something new and unrelated to your area of expertise.  Trying something new will also help you develop new problem-solving skills that can be applied to other areas of your life.

2. Change your mentality. An “all work, no play” mindset is unhealthy. Treat self-care just as you would an important work or school project.

3. Make time to workout. There’s a reason this tip always makes the list — it’s effective!

4. Stay hydrated. Dehydration could result in electrolyte imbalance and often leads to undue anxiety.

5. Heal with alternative therapy. Massage, acupuncture, shiatsu all are great ways to relieve anxiety. Rest, restore and rejuvenate.

6. Incorporate brief meditation exercises into your daily routine. Simply take a moment to stop what you are doing to focus on your breathing. Even just two minutes of calm, rhythmic breathing can decrease anxiety and provide the boost you need to complete your day.


Be Well…

4 thoughts on “Anxiety And How To Manage It

  1. A very helpful post. Anxiety can be debilitating and overwhelming to have. These tips are very effective because they are either distractions or relaxers. Both which are vital treatments for anxiety. Thanks for the post!

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