Massage Yo Self!


As a massage therapist, I want my clients to feel better.  I often suggest self-care techniques to relieve tension and pain.

A lot of the “muscle pain” we experience actually originates in our fascia. Since our fascia is spread throughout our body, any damage, tightening, or restriction of the fascia can cause serious pain and disability – not just in the affected area, but in surrounding areas to which the affected fascia connects.

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Effective ways to prevent and treat fascial problems include stretching and massage.
Increasingly, people who believe they have pain originating with problems in the fascia are turning to self–massage using foam rollers and balls.

Using these devices and your own body weight, there are some simple routines you can do that will allow you to work out the “kinks” in your body. The ball or foam roller applies pressure to the muscle fascia and this pressure – counter–intuitively, it would seem – helps the muscle fascia relax.


These tools are great ways to keep tension at bay in between your regular massage sessions. Give them a try!


Be well…


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