Working 2 Jobs: A.K.A.The Side Hustle


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As one of the many who works more than one job I have to say there are challenges and benefits! Most certainly it takes planning, patience and perseverance!

Common Side Hustles:

Seasonal : (typically retail, hospitality) Hotels, Resorts, Customer service, Sales

Skilled: (freelance, contract for hire, commissioned work) Tutoring, Massage Therapy, Event Planning, Photography, Web design, Personal training


Both can certainly give your income a boost,  and even allow you to do work that you enjoy! Skilled jobs usually have a bit more longevity, flexibility and sustainability.

For me, being a part time Massage Therapist it truly is my passion. While it is not wholly driven by income I do rely on the money made doing this work.

Working two jobs, no matter the type definitely takes a toll. You may find that other areas suffer. Keeping up with housework and chores, spending  time with friends and family.

Should you decide to have a side hustle, try not to over commit yourself. If you do not balance your time effectively, you will have a difficult time lasting long enough to benefit from the second job.


Be Well..

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