Massage Yo Self!

 As a massage therapist, I want my clients to feel better.  I often suggest self-care techniques to relieve tension and pain. lot of the “muscle pain” we experience actually originates in our fascia. Since our fascia is spread throughout our body, any damage, tightening, or restriction of the fascia can cause serious pain and disability – not [...]

Soreness vs Pain

  It's summer, work slows down a bit, and I tend to be more active. Not this year, I have been so busy with work, life, and everything in between.      Infrequent workouts, lax core strength training are starting to catch up to me! This week I'm noticing some back pain, though I am [...]

More Bang For Your Buck

    Let's talk about how to maximize the benefits of bodywork        Tick tock-  arriving 15 minutes early gives your time to settle and not feel rushed.  Let's chat- aches, pain, stressed, emotional? Let your therapist know so they can provide you with an effective treatment. Drink up- hydrate well, water is [...]